Emotional Trauma Healing

I’m now offering Emotional Trauma Healing services. If you’re interested in recovering from your traumas I will guide you through the process and help you come to terms with your painful past in a safe and judgment-free environment. Trauma is something that many people deal with, but not everyone has the ability to mend themselves from severe emotional, mental, and physical hurt. In fact, a lot of us suppress or pretend like painful events never happened.​
While ignoring terrible experiences can seem useful in the moment, this does more damage than you might realize. Instead, you have to address the root causes of your suffering and imbalance. This is where Emotional Trauma Healing can become useful. Through this practice, you can connect to your trauma and re-contextualize your relationship with difficult moments in your past.
Not many of us want to think about how we suffered, let alone deal with it. However, through this healing practice, I painlessly unwind your trauma and help you move on with your life. I’ll talk more about what this practice is and what kind of trauma can be healed below. All sessions are done remotely online via Zoom. Sessions are $150 for 1 hour session. Click the "book now" button below to schedule a session

Hire an Experienced Coach

Emotional Trauma Healing encompasses a wide range of treatment options and healing techniques. However, at the core of this regenerative method, practitioners work to heal past traumas and help clients regain their emotional, physical, and mental health. Everyone has dealt with emotional and physical pain, but trauma leaves lasting scars on the mind, body, and soul. Left unchecked, it can wreak havoc on every aspect of a person's life.
A traumatic event or multiple traumatic events not only leaves us feeling unsafe and emotionally unstable. Trauma also causes our bodies to become stressed and imbalanced when we are triggered by events, situations, and people that remind us of the trauma. What this means is that people can re-experience their trauma emotionally and physically over and over. Over time, this can decrease your quality of life and damage your overall health and spiritual well-being.
To combat this, Emotional Trauma Healing should be used. This form of healing works on your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental self to heal the past. Each healer uses different methods to help clients, but I utilize Reiki and other energy healing techniques to make a lasting and pain-free change to your life.​
During your healing session, you will be put in a relaxed state. I will place my hands gently over various energy points on your body, this way you can release blocked emotions and start to recover. My practice also involves other healing techniques which I will talk about more as you continue to read through this page. All sessions are done remotely online via Zoom.

What Types of Trauma Can Be Healed By This Healing Practice?

Trauma comes in many shapes and forms, and each person will experience it in different ways. The causes of trauma manifest differently for everyone, but usually, they are the result of physical harm or emotional harm. Physical trauma might involve a physical injury, surgery, health issues, physical abuse, or other situations where your body is injured.
Emotional trauma, on the other hand, involves no physical scars but can be just as damaging. This could include sudden changes in life, the death of loved ones, mental or emotional abuse, or other losses in life that leave us emotionally exhausted and traumatized.
Finally, trauma can also come from our ancestors or our family. This is known as trans-generational trauma. Traumatic events can be carried down from generation to generation if they are not healed and dealt with. This might seem far-fetched, but it's more common than you might think. Trauma alters the DNA and passes down each generation leaving you feeling anguished and unbalanced for unknown reasons.
​Thankfully, whether it's an emotional, physical, or generational trauma, I have the experience to help you find healing and contentment in your life.

How Can I Help You Heal From Your Traumas?

I am prepared to help you through past trauma safely and painlessly. I understand just how difficult it can be to engage with upsetting events and any other emotionally painful moments in your life.
That’s why I use several methods of energy healing along with life coaching techniques to help you effectively heal and move on. I work at multiple levels to make this process as pain-free as possible. This way you are not re-traumatized and you can go to each healing session knowing you will be safe and well taken care of.
Your trauma is serious and deserves respect and understanding. That’s why I take a multifaceted approach to your treatment to deal with the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental effects of trauma.
More specifically, I will work with your conscious and subconscious selves to safely unwind your trauma and heal your energies. With my life coaching techniques, we will address any dysfunctional behavior and habits brought on by your past. Many people end up sabotaging themselves and their lives. We will create feasible goals that will help you turn your life around and move toward the life you have always dreamed of.
On the spiritual and energetic side of things, I will work with your subconscious energies to painlessly shift your mindset and bring you back on a life path that aligns with your new goals. I will balance your chakras and we will work together to heal your root chakra. Healing the root chakra is essential in helping you let go of past traumas. This way you can find peace and begin to truly thrive.
​In short, I combine life coaching with multiple energy healing such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Chakra and Crystal healing, Emotion Code, MAPs, and many others to help clients let go of their hurtful events and feel more neutral so they can move forward in life and not continue to be a victim.

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Contact Me For Your Emotional Trauma Healing Session

If you need more information about Emotional Trauma Healing, contact me here. I’m ready to answer any of your questions and help you decide on the best healing options. Once you are ready to book an Emotional Trauma Healing session, we can discuss the specific steps that will need to be taken.​
Again, I have several different methods that will help you painlessly overcome your trauma. After we talk about the context of your healing session and the goals you have, we can begin our work together. I’ve been helping clients for over 20 years and I’m ready to get you to a place of peace and fulfillment.
Personally, I believe that anyone can heal and succeed in their life, no matter what they have undergone. As we do our healing work, this will become evident to you, as well! So, contact me as soon as possible to get the healing process started. All sessions are done remotely online via Zoom. Sessions are $150 for 1 hour session.
Expert healer Daniel Rosenstein is a prime example of how healing from emotional trauma is not only possible, but incredible - after exploring emotional trauma healing for his own needs, he realized how much spiritual healing had to offer the world. Inspired by his own transformation, he sought to become a guru for others, becoming certified in Reiki as well as Angel Healing. His experience helping others overcome the tolls of emotional trauma and evolve into successful and healthy beings lit a fire that hasn’t stopped burning.
Daniel has not only embraced Reiki and Angel Healing, but has gone on to learn rare and lost techniques for unwinding trauma and pulling out the root of issues including Sekhem, Spiritual Response Therapy, Emotion Code, Mayan Light Language, and more than 10 other forms of energy healing. While he already has quite the transcript, he continues to seek knowledge to expand his abilities.
Through improving his own inner-self, Daniel became aware of a higher calling to help others discover balance in their spiritual and physical states. His unique experience of personal healing, combined with extensive training and education in a multitude of techniques spanning 15 years of practice, makes Daniel a genuine and accomplished master of emotional healing. In addition to being the successful author of “Ultimate Guide to Stress Management: The Best Resource Out There on Alternative Healing,” he provides personalized care for individuals around the world, every single day!

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