Career Coaching Services

I’m excited to now offer Career Coaching Services so you can finally find the job you love. ​

Here’s the cold hard truth: it IS possible to find your dream job. This should sound like a relief, an optimistic reminder that your passion is waiting to find you. That is, unless you are inundated in self doubt that you have lost hope of ever cultivating a thriving career. No matter what is holding you back, career coaching services are the missing piece to unlock the answer.

Do I need a career coach?

To see if working with a career coach online (like me!) is the right fit for you, let’s do a quick pulse check.
When you visualize the word “work”, what comes to mind? Maybe you picture a guy in a suit who’s hunched over in an old cubicle, painstakingly waiting for the clock to strike five. What about when you hear the word “career”? Do you feel like your career is a representation of you, and an extension of your full capabilities? Do you feel fulfilled by the problems you solve? Maybe your Monday mornings feel more like a modern retelling of Sisyphus, where the laborious pressure seems to never end. Contrarily you might feel stuck, planted in an emotional whirlwind of confusion. Both are normal and there is a way out.
As an experienced online career coach, I am more than familiar with the limiting beliefs that can hold us back from building a meaningful career. In fact, I have more than likely been in your shoes.

Does This Work?

Absolutely. If you are still in doubt, keep reading and you’ll see that I am living proof that your career can become an extension of your best self. Consider my career coaching services as a compass to keep you on the path forward – the guidance I wish I had 15 years ago. ​
After all, the workplace is where you will clock in over 90,000 hours of your time on this Earth, so why not spend it on something worthwhile?
You are in the right place if you’re on the search for:
This works even if you don’t feel like an “expert”, you don’t feel passionate about any certain field, or you are feeling like a deer in headlights.
So come as you are: entry level, entrepreneur, creative explorers. You are all welcome here.

My Career Journey

My first job was a telemarketer. Yup, I was that guy trapped in the old stuffy cubicle. It clearly wasn’t my dream job, but I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know where to start, let alone if there was a perfect career for me. I did the next best thing and trudged out of that office in pursuit of something new. I was later cast for the role of the traveling salesman. Still not a match. Then I tried again, and again, and again. I rebuilt my career 5 times. Nope, that is not a typo. I tried to ignite my career five times before lighting the fuse. I was a bona fide job hopper. I wish I had career coaching services at my disposal. I did not even have a map. It felt impossible to reach the summit, but I did not stop short of what I knew I deserved. ​
Fast forward over two decades later. When Monday morning comes around, it means connecting with my mentees, flexing my creative muscles, and discovering the powerful potential that lies in all of us. No more early morning commute. See you never, Sunday Scaries. Good riddance, old cubicle.
Instead, I wake up and start the morning on my terms. I cannot wait to open my laptop and mentor some of the most amazing people I have ever met. I get to share the online career coach journey every step of the way. I feel and celebrate your career wins as if they are my own. I’m living my dream life, and it’s worth every minute.
Through trials and tribulations (five to be exact), I now know I was put on this Earth to help make sure no one has to live a smaller life than they have to. Now that I have found my true calling, I want everyone to know what it feels like to truly do what you love for a living. My career coaching services are my magnum opus. Maybe, just maybe, you are the next success story. ​

​The Career Coaching Process

After careful testing I am thrilled to officially add my expert career coaching services to The Ultimate Energy menu. Like any dignified selection, I have all the courses planned out and ready just for you

  1. Discovery. Let’s get to know your career likes, dislikes, and most importantly, your passion! I’m not just scanning your past job titles – I want to see what lights a fire under your belly.
  3.  Investigation. I will read through your resume and peek at your LinkedIn profile. Behind the scenes I will research the best opportunities that fit where your interest meets your skillset. (This is not just for job openings, but also entrepreneurial opportunities!)
  5. Collaboration. Our following sessions will test out new career avenues. I’m committed to keep searching until we find a fit. We can repeat the process for as many sessions as you like. Rest assured the process should not involve five different attempts like I went through you won’t go through five tries like I did early on.

Get Started – Schedule Your First Session Here

Finding a dream career is not only possible, but closer in reach than you think. It all starts with committing to the opportunity waiting right here at your fingertips. Begin your journey of career coaching online, then watch the magic happen.
Let’s close the gap between the here-and-now and the dream job you have always imagined.
My door is always open. Book a discovery call with me here [link] and let’s get to work.
See you on the other side! ​
Prices for Career Coaching Services:
Single Session (1 hour): $100
5-Session Pack: $450
10-Session Pack: $400

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