What to Expect After a Soul Retrieval

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All humans have a built-in mechanism to protect from trauma – whether physical or emotional, when we experience painful or difficult situations in life the soul may leave to get away from that negative energy.

This may leave someone feeling hollow, as if they have no purpose in life and no passion. It may feel literally as though a part of them is missing, but they can’t explain why. The person may experience loss of memory, particularly from more traumatic experiences. Poor coping mechanisms could develop, such as overeating, excessive alcohol consumption, or destructive behaviors. In some cases, they could suffer from harmful thoughts.
Soul retrieval is the method of bringing that piece of the soul back to the person in order to make them whole again. This reestablishes their ability to fully experience life, happiness, and self-worth. It allows the person to reconnect with who they are so that they can engage with their passions, people, and purposes once again.
Following a soul retrieval, you may find a new lease on life, as if you went from being in black-and-white to living life in full color. Once the soul is back where it was meant to be, you may feel a sense of readiness to take on life’s adventures and challenges. Some describe it as feeling grounded and content, which they had not experienced before.
Many clients are able to get out of a rut they’ve been in with careers or relationships after a successful soul retrieval. They find a better internal connection with their own needs and wants, allowing successful expression of themselves when they previously wouldn’t have been able to identify those elements.
If this resonates with you – feeling as though you’ve lost your way, aren’t sure what your purpose is, or seem to be missing a part of yourself – soul retrieval may be the answer for you. Having help to guide your soul back to you can facilitate a quicker improvement in your ability to face life and feel whole again. If you are ready to retrieve the piece of you that is missing, book a session with me so that we can begin down the path of fulfillment together.

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